Bernal Yoga

Tuesdays:  6:15-7:30pm Strong Vinyasa

Sundays:  6:30-7:45pm Strong Vinyasa

Substitute teacher at:

UCSF Mission Bay

Asta Yoga

Yoga Works SF  & Yoga Tree 

Planet Granite 

Bay Club SF

I’ve been practicing yoga for 20 years, yet I continue to learn when I attend Caitlin’s classes. She’s offered suggestions on alignment which have transformed my practice. I can safely get into poses that I’ve struggled with for years, and I’ve learned to back off the poses that may never be safe for me. (For me, NOT doing a pose is more of an achievement.) That’s a huge measure of Caitlin’s ability — in Caitlin’s classes, I finally learned to let go of my ego.
— Julie