I left my first yoga class thinking "This is all that I need."

The sky looked brighter. The urge to fill something in myself that felt like a void was no longer there. I felt peaceFUL. 

Since that first yoga class in high school, the practice has been a constant in my life. In grad school, I joke I got my Masters in Recovery, in which yoga played a vital role. 

The practice reminds me to breathe and be ambition-less. With a clear drishti and direction but no attachment to the outcome. It's a liberating existence. 

The yoga path has led me to many exquisite vistas including co-founding a yoga studio in L.A., Hollywood Power Yoga; a community of passionate, caring practitioners.

In yoga we get to experience ourSelf and practice acceptance. We explore the inner workings of our bodymind so we can be guided to our life's dharma or purpose.

Now back in my hometown, San Francisco, after a decade exploring NY & LA, this practice continues to be the bolster from which I can explore and share the art of healing.

I am currently integrating my yoga work with Integrative Medicine as a research assistant at The Osher Center at UCSF, involving studies that incorporate yoga, Ayurveda and other holistic practices into healing therapies for cancer patients. As well as helping run the sweet n’ solid neighborhood stable, Bernal Yoga.

I've been lucky to have learned from great instructors like Larry Schultz, Schuyler Grant and many, many others, and to share yoga as an instructor, with so many beautiful souls who remind me when I forget, this practice is transformational

I've come to expect the unexpected.



One of the things I always love about Caitlin’s class is how she gives adjustments. It is so subtle and has so much power without muscling in a ton of force. I was in her class once, lying down in savasana and she came over to me and put her hands on my feet. It felt like a sort of Reiki moment of touch. Many minutes passed and she was still with me and I thought I had won savasana that day. I couldn’t believe she was still there. And then suddenly, I heard her voice from across the room. I realized that she had already left, but her touch still lingered.
I think we do that on many levels all of the time with many people. She gets to leave LA with her healing imprint still lingering, having touched so many people in her yoga classes.
— Alex Dawson, L.A.based Yoga Instructor (www.alexdawsonyoga.com)